Courage, The Snow Moon, and the Year Ahead

As a child, I had always been fascinated by the night sky, but something unexpected happened when I moved out of my traditional home in the suburbs and plunged into my new, nomadic way of living. Without a permanent roof over my head, I became acutely aware of the phases of the moon.

The year that I embraced the RV lifestyle, the moon was both my nightlight and my compass. In its absence, I was plunged into darkness. But when that familiar luminescence filled the sky, I found strength to keep moving forward.

The August full moon saw me fumbling with trailer hookups and struggling to position the 5th wheel perfectly on the RV pad so that all of our connections would reach.

In October, the Hunter’s Moon shone down as I hauled three kids, one dog, a goldfish and 32 feet of aluminum across the red rock landscape of southern Utah. That night marked the first time I had towed entirely alone. The clock was rapidly approaching midnight. I was hundreds of miles from friends, lost, and exhausted as I turned to the sky above. I prayed that the moon would illuminate the road signs enough for me to find our camp site.

Then came December. Christmas night. I stepped from the trailer, down those creaking metal steps onto the frozen ground. Standing on the banks of the Virgin River, I looked up at that full moon and noted, with both sadness and certainty, that my marriage was over.

Tonight, the moon will once again shine down upon us, full force. This moon is a significant one, according to astrologers. Dubbed the Super Snow Moon, it will illuminate Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. The star of courage. When Regulus first appears in the evening sky, it is a sign that spring is near and new beginnings are imminent.

Tonight, it also marks the inauguration of a season to be brave.

This courageous Full Moon is encouraging us to tap into our inner power and liberate ourselves from our past. We are being told to take action and break free from old patterns.

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Though time has passed since my days living full-time under the night sky, I still relish those adventures and the lessons they provided. With each passing full moon, memories of my wandering days drift to me as powerfully as if they were transported on a fragrance. Month by month, I make a note of the changes in the heavens above, as well as my own evolution.

So bring on another full moon. When it visits me this time, I’ll be settled high up in the snowy mountains, watching it rise over craggy peaks and frozen meadows. Once again, the sky will be my roof. And once again, I will summon my courage and embrace the magic of the unknown journey ahead.

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